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03-13-07, 07:27 AM
The educational system of Texas has been on a path on innovations and expansions since the last few years. Improvement of curriculum, increased support for students, more funds for schools and due recognition for Texas Teachers (http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/) are just a few of the techniques that have been tried and tested in Texas with outstanding results.

Awarding Texas Teachers (http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/) with special nominations has been on the rise in the past few years. The ‘Texas Teacher of the Year’ is the highest honor that the State of Texas bestows upon a teacher. Conducted by the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Teacher of the Year program annually recognizes and rewards teachers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and excellence in teaching.

Forty Texas Teachers (http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/) – two from each Regional Education Service Center – are eligible for two titles, Texas elementary Teacher of the Year and Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year.

The Texas Teachers (http://excellenceintheclassroom.com/) of the year become spokespersons for public education and are honored at a special ceremony in Austin. The Texas Teacher of the Year, a dedicated and highly skilled candidate who is capable of inspiring students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn, becomes a candidate for National Teacher of the Year honors.