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  1. Climate Change: Two quilty parties named !
  2. World on course for catastrophic 6 rise, reveal scientists
  3. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Issues Interim Report
  4. Copenhagen Diagnosis
  5. More interesting 'scientific adjustments'
  6. More CO2 ramifications: housebuilding
  7. The ClimateGate Beat Goes On: more CRU interesting details
  8. Climate change data dumped
  9. At least they're honest about it...to each other "We will be rewriting..."
  10. Prof RICHARD S. LINDZEN - predictions of catastrophe are unwarranted.
  11. UK Climate Scientist to temporarily step down: apparently there is something to see here
  12. The Next South Africa is...Canada?
  13. Climategate-Copenhagen-Goldman carbon trade scam
  14. WSJ: ClimateGate - Follow The Money
  15. John Stewart covers Glow-ball Warming in two minutes!
  16. WSJ: NASA not releasing data under FOIA
  17. Prostitutes Offer Free Climate Summit Sex
  18. You can take an AGW alarmist scientist out of the shack, but you can't take the shack out of ...?
  19. Usurpation of government powers: EPA declares CO2 a controlled substance
  20. Liars: NASA, NOAA, JMA, AMS, and the Navy
  21. Liars: Australian climate records fudged beyond all recognition?
  22. COP a big copout for the 1st world? Conspiracy theorists, put on your hats!
  23. Interesting graphic of 'deniers' vs. consensus
  24. Perhaps a conspiracy is unnecessary where a carrot will suffice
  25. Al Gore on those East Anglia emails
  26. More British 'Lord'ist nonsense?
  27. Chris Matthews
  28. Is the present warming trend 'unprecedented'?
  29. The question of Climate chage IS OVER!!
  30. MIT debate over ClimateGate
  31. Hopenhagen's dirty secret
  32. Ian Plimer vs. George Monbiot on climate
  33. More evidence of RealClimate as an objective source...NOT
  34. CERN Physicist - discusses climate unknowns and sun spot / cosmic ray climate correlations
  35. A story of peer review subversion?
  36. More commentary on ClimateGate: Terence Corcoran
  37. Some interesting experiments relevant to AGW-CO2-catastrophe theory
  38. Stop Global Warming OR Economic Recovery-- You Can't Have Both
  39. Constructal Law and Climate Complexity
  40. France: Constitutional Council kills carbon tax 1 week before it goes into effect
  41. Climate bill pushes trees over food
  42. Burt Rutan on Climate Change
  43. The Times slapped by advertising watchdog for inaccurate AGW claim: Northwest Passage
  44. More 'Denier' talk: Dr. Roy Spencer on Satellite observations vs. forcing & feedback
  45. A view in the Looking Glass: RealClimate.org and its review of IPCC/Hansen 'projections'
  46. More 'deniers' in the mass media - UK Mail: CLIMATE CHANGE IS NATURAL: 100 REASONS WHY
  47. Is $481M dollars enough of a reason for possible conflict on interest on 'climate science'?
  48. More 'consensus' objective science: Belief + Agenda yield bogus Himalayan glacier projection
  49. IEEE interview with John Christy concerning ClimateGate
  50. Very nice article on the 'State of the Green': Climate Change today by Nordhaus and Shellenberger
  51. Climategate comes to Parliament
  52. Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed Beef: or how human impacts on the planet extend beyond CO2
  53. What's worse: an honest or a deliberate mistake? IPCC AR4 glacier data from 'known grey literature'
  54. Times of London calls UN climate chief - liar
  55. How many 'Gates before there is an 'issue' (Nothing to do with Microsoft)
  56. Yet another 'climate' organization loses its data: NIWA admits no records kept of 'adjustments'
  57. Global Cooling redux? Sun appears to be well into lower intensity phase
  58. More IPCC shenanigans: AfricaGate
  59. More 'consensus science': 9 students' dissertations and other publications cited by IPCC
  60. An alternate model of Climate Behavior: or - the theory RealClimate Doesn't Want You to Read
  61. Ruh Roh Raggy! Is Phil Jones a denier too?
  62. Oil companies dropping support for Cap 'n Trade
  63. Its always Climate Change! And its Always Man's Fault!
  64. India - 2009 : THE WARMEST YEAR SINCE 1901
  65. Climate change data will now face independent scrutiny
  66. More 'global warming'...All this in just 1 week!
  67. Lest you think 'Gate du jour is almost over...a comprehensive review of grey literature in IPCC
  68. Wind power issues and considerations
  69. As with much else - outsourcing of CO2 via offshored manufacturing
  70. Climategate Stunner: NASA Heads Knew NASA Data Was Poor, Then Used Data from CRU
  71. How to use Global Warming/Climate Change to make lots of money: incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED bulbs
  72. More curious behavior: past temperature records still changing
  73. Your US Tax Dollars at work: Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force
  74. Global cooling: What happens if the Iceland volcano blows
  75. Okay, Maybe Beef Doesn't Cause More Warming than Oil...
  76. Too much focus on climate change is distracting/dangerous to environmentalism as a whole
  77. Der Spiegel: 8 part document on the state of climate change today
  78. More 'lukewarming' in the mainstream media
  79. Evolution of non-"CO2 did it" theories of climate science
  80. A nice critique of the AGW-CO2-Catastrophe position
  81. A nice summary of the AGW-CO2-Catastrophe position
  82. New record for CO2 for Homo sapiens
  83. Another example of the agenda in action
  84. Evidence of fraud due to solar subsidies now documented
  85. Stick a fork into global warming for several years: Iceland volcano could erupt for a year
  86. More fun with subsidies: solar subsidies in Germany and those who live off them
  87. More RealClimate shenanigans: even the official climate scientists who don't toe the line...
  88. Yet another look at the IPCC 'projections': still wrong after 20 years of 'updates'
  89. Yet another science org joins vast conspiracy against pseudoscience and denialism!
  90. Powering the world
  91. More documented instances of IPCC bias
  92. Your tax dollars at work: Fannie and its patented residential CO2 cap and trade system
  93. 5 Myths About Green Energy
  94. 8pc hike in cost of home heating - Carbon tax levied on gas and oil
  95. Is Most Of The Observed Warming Over The Last 50 Years Likely To Have Been Due To The Increased GHGs
  96. More examples of 'scientific consensus' in action: National Academy of Sciences advocating policy
  97. Monckton before Congress
  98. Climate feedback negative according to satellites
  99. More IPCC shenanigans: citations of papers from 'the future'
  100. Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air
  101. Dust in the Wind, or Smoke on the Water? Wind Energy operational life shorter than 'projections'
  102. South African studies on linkages between solar activity and hydrological changes (rivers etc)
  103. Paper published in Nature: Malaria NOT killing more due to climate change or any other reason
  104. Compare and Contrast: Congressional testimony on climate change (cap and trade bill)
  105. Global warming due to faulty application of black body model? Or: Greenhouse effect on the Moon
  106. Where's the Arctic Ice? Compare and Contrast 1 week in 1990 vs 1 week in 2010
  107. Spain Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce report on Renewable Energy (Electricity)
  108. Temperature and CO2: noise vs. signal ; correlation vs. causation
  109. The 'consensus' still doesn't get it: AGW-CO2-Catastrophist survey shows exactly what the problem is
  110. A sober review of energy policy vs. carbon emissions limitations via taxation
  111. Focus on MPG and CAFE is stupid
  112. We have met the enemy, and he is us: AGW warmists accusing 'deniers' of that which they themselves are guilty of
  113. To hammers (AGW-CO2-Catastrophists), all problems are nails. But not everything is CO2...
  114. IAC review panel statements
  115. Dr. Roy Spencer and an experimental model based on regional climate effects: AMO, PDO, ENSO
  116. More 'tricks': spot the error
  117. Now that's good business: paid for NOT generating wind energy as well as for generating wind energy
  118. Just plain ludicrous: a paper in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences listing skeptics?
  119. More ludicrous wind energy facts
  120. A Climate of Belief: An examination of the Global Climate Models and the AGW-CO2-Catastrophe that is supposed to be coming according to these models
  121. One pillar of 'runaway' CO2 feedback negated: land surface CO2 NOT a function of temperature
  122. Wind energy tales: 3 bird whacking anecdotes
  123. 7 years past, but still relevant today: RIP Michael Crichton
  124. A more balanced view of alternative energy (as opposed to climate change mitigation): The Breakthrough Institute
  125. Peer reviewed paper on global climate models: insufficient data in = insufficient data out
  126. Compare and contrast: IPCC says they know all vs. Dr. Roy Spencer speaks to what is known and what isn't
  127. More fun with solar: Wasserman attacks the Nuclear Option
  128. The brotherhood of silence: how the consensus avoids open debate in order to hoard credibility
  129. Perceptions vs. Reality: Study shows disconnect between people's understanding of energy conservation and reality
  130. Billions for climate change research but apparently not enough cents for temperature data collection
  131. Normalized Disaster losses: no trend discernable from AGW
  132. IAC recommends significant (major?) changes to the IPCC including removal of top 8 officials
  133. Sea Levels Rising? AGW or no? You decide
  134. What being carbon free really will cost
  135. Al Gore: Victim of Climate Change?
  136. The 'Iron Law' of AGW mitigation
  137. What the 'polluters' really think: China on climate change
  138. Arctic Ice: "Its different this time"
  139. Peer reviewed paper: Current Arctic Ice is More Extensive than Most of the Past 9000 years
  140. Why energy efficiency doesn't automatically equal energy conservation
  141. No conspiracy, but certainly enough bureaucratic shenanigans to prompt withdrawal: Hal Lewis resigns from the American Physical Society
  142. Man Made Global Warming/Climate Change/Global Climate Disruption Causes...
  143. Wind of Change? Scientific American with TWO (2) articles not espousing AGW
  144. Anti-Anti-Climate Change Bill in California defeated. Good News?
  145. News Flash: Amazon rain forest perfectly fine in historical times, even with 3 to 5 degree Celsius higher temperatures
  146. US to Gore: CO2 indulgences not gonna happen. Chicago Climate Exchange is dead.
  147. A very fine presentation on climate change and energy policy
  148. A good exposition on supposedly 'good' climate models
  149. Japan refuses to renew its climate change guinea pig role: categorical refusal to extend Kyoto
  150. Still want to debate bird killing wind turbines? NextEnergy agrees to modify Altamont turbines to reduce bird kills
  151. The trouble with models: analogies and thought experiments
  152. Subsidies for and regulatory requirements on renewables in Oregon translate into
  153. Climate hysteria and Time magazine: a 'Time'line
  154. Spiegel: Will High Costs Kill Merkel's Green Revolution?
  155. Where there's smoke from giant piles of money being burned, there's FIRE? US Federal climate change spending in 2009 and 2010
  156. Cat food Too Good For you!
  157. CCS experiment in Canada apparently failing: or how to create a new Perri-eh
  158. Top AGW spokesmodel now focusing on spin doctoring: the response
  159. State of the science: GISS temperature records (then and now) and sea levels
  160. Researchers subconscious bias skewing scientific studies
  161. Another fine example of correlation NOT equalling causation
  162. On the Snow Job: global warming/climate change/climate disruption then and now
  163. Inconvenient Facts about Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Disruption: Hurricanes
  164. You know its bad when the Dutch abandon wind mills (turbines)...
  165. More AGW nonsense: more CO2 equals more heat equals more snow (Gore)
  166. Another open letter of resignation to another Scientific Society over the Church of AGW
  167. Another Climate Change bust: 'zero carbon' classroom is uninhabitable
  168. Lest we forget: 'Consensus' statement on Hurricanes and human/economic damage trends
  169. At last! an environmental creed I can agree with: Nordhaus and Shellenberger's 12 theses for a Post Environmental Movement
  170. WWF Vice President as Review Editor in IPCC: consensus 'science' at work
  171. This is why AGW fascism will fail: unites everyone else against them via demagoguery
  172. IPCC = activist NGO: Greenpeace and the 'consensus science' report
  173. More IPCC shenanigans: IPCC created its own 'world expert'
  174. More confirmation bias tomfoolery: "Hide the Decline" in 2 different time periods
  175. The AGW/Climate Change/Climate Disruption Blame Game: 33 subjects with contradictory behaviors blamed on AGW/CC/CD
  176. Its Official: even the John Muir Trust study shows wind generation well below 30% of capacity
  177. "Hide the Decline" - it isn't just about inconvenient curve exclusion
  178. Base tenet of Climate Change not panning out in Nature
  179. AGW advocacy groups outspend 'big oil'
  180. Delaware exits Northeastern climate indulgence - and with an amazingly clearheaded bill
  181. Global temperatures and 'super tornado' deaths: It isn't different this time
  182. Greenpeace denied charity status in New Zealand: "advocate rather than an educator"
  183. The Bane of Solar Energy...Property Taxes?
  184. A Cautionary Tale: Grand (comet) theory failing under weight of evidence
  185. IPCC species extinction model wrong, exaggerates losses
  186. More shrill New York Times climate alarmism reporting: when you're a hammer...
  187. The last 10 years: still no correlation between CO2 and temperature. Ditto sea level rise.
  188. A pair of climate change mitigation Hmmmms
  189. Sweden adoption of clean vehicles led to HIGHER CO2 emissions from Swedish Transportation
  190. Sun to Earth: No warming for next several decades - AAS predicts major drop in solar activity
  191. The latest IPCC Wag the Dog: Greenpeace lead author champions own Greenpeace alternative energy conclusion as IPCC 'consensus' science
  192. Common Ground Between Global Warming Activists and Skeptics??
  193. European Cap and Trade teetering - soon to follow failed American Cap and Trade?
  194. The Failure of Al Gore and <insert slogan du annum> (AGW)
  195. 100 billion pounds sterling in windmills will require 10 million pounds sterling in backup natural gas
  196. The failure of 'magical' carbon thinking: 2 stories
  197. The Demon CO2: some numbers
  198. Alberta wind: some numbers
  199. No global warming (Eat this Keiser!)
  200. To a (Fourier) Hammer, every problem is a (sinusoid) nail
  201. No Ocean Heat Content Increase since 2003: what does this mean
  202. Another hitch on the Green Gravy Train
  203. More AGW-CO2-Catastrophe mitigation disaster: Jatropha subsidies fail miserably
  204. An overview on world CO2 emissions (and energy use)
  205. You too can become a Concerned Scientist: Join the Union!
  206. Global cyclone activity at historic low (since 1970 satellite measurements)
  207. Sea Level Rising?
  208. Sorry, our icebreaker is going to be busy after all
  209. Ongoing wind energy fail: German wind energy capacity factor only 15%
  210. Germany solar industry in trouble: The Sun Rises in the East
  211. RGW displaced by AGW, or how man killing mastodons caused the last Ice Age (or not)
  212. Nobel Prize for Physics winner (1973) resigns from American Physical Society over its AGW stance
  213. The latest AGW/Climate Change/Climate Disruption fail: Times Atlas caught with wrong data
  214. Greenland glaciers not behaving as AGW predicts: regional cause as opposed to AGW cause?
  215. Al Gore's "high school physics" is apparently more like the high school film club.
  216. Radiative forcing vs. Radiative feedback
  217. More green nonsense: $42,000 subsidy for Colorado buyers of Tesla sports cars
  218. Unsurprising news: alternative energy subsidies falling as budgets get tighter
  219. RSA talk: Matt Ridley on Scientific Heresy
  220. Greenhouse gases rise by record amount: where's the warming? and where's the return on all those hundreds of billions?
  221. PG & E climate neutral electricity fails
  222. Genghis Khan, hero of the AGW movement?
  223. What Consensus?
  224. 2,232 days and counting since a major hurricane has hit the coast of the US
  225. "Nature" magazine peer reviewed paper: biodiesel and electric both worse than gasoline.
  226. The money shot: why developing countries SHOULD NOT mitigate CO2 emissions
  227. Ocean Acidification: much ado over nothing?
  228. Yet another Climate Change doom scenario failure: 2007 prediction of hydrate doom
  229. Another electric car fail: Nissan Leaf needs 4 charges to go 180 miles
  230. Cold and Ice Doesn't Mean Frozen (static): P38 that crashlanded on Greenland in 1942 under 268 feet of ice
  231. Strange attractors: why climate change may not be "settled"
  232. Rutan, other notable scientists sign open letter saying "No need to panic about global warming"
  233. CAGW Tide Turning? German Climate Concerns dwindling, top environmentalists change tune
  234. A New Year - an updated analysis of the CAGW theory and its blind spots
  235. Gang Green's gangrene
  236. The Climate Volcano game
  237. More "Do as I say, not as I do" from green NGO's
  238. The EPA and mercury (and other emissions) regulation of coal fired electricity generating plants
  239. New Data on CO2-Heat Link
  240. More CO2 fun with Shakun/Nature article: Hide the Incline
  241. La Nina conditions reach cyclical max in Calif: cold & dry
  242. 49 former NASA scientists and astronauts scold GISS over unsubstantiated claims of CAGW
  243. Bad news for MAX Keiser
  244. The new Simon-Ehrlich bet
  245. Dr. James Lovelock recants earlier alarmism
  246. The ivory billed woodpecker: symbol of politicized science?
  247. The money shot: where the hockey stick went wrong
  248. Photos of Greenland show "It is not different this time"
  249. Why hockey sticks matter
  250. Academic purging, fake PhDs, and CARB (California Air Resources Board)