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  1. A new type of theme park for kids - Even more direct condititiong than ever before
  2. Fukushima Gestation Set at 9 Months
  3. PC Roberts Interviewed on Libya
  4. hydraulic fracturing: buried on page 15
  5. News: Chinese black market bank lending bubble close to collapse.
  6. S&P cuts U.S. ratings outlook to negative
  7. Something Ventured
  8. The Real Difference Between the US and Japan That You're Not Supposed to Talk About
  9. Tornado cut offsite power to Vigina nuclear reactor
  10. Corporate Intellectual Property Jimmeys
  11. Chernobyl Update
  12. Japan attempts to bring Harmony with Internet Censorsphip
  13. A Deflationary Pause?
  14. Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) Labeled Bad ... Very Baaad
  15. China's monetary sterilization (older article from Nov. 2010)
  16. Rossi "cold fusion" device function confirmed by two Swedish scientists
  17. ARRRRRRR YA READY, on yer marks, get set: GO: $6.19/gal on Maui?
  18. RE?: The Shadow Knows
  19. This is how the game is played: offshore tax games and the corporations who play them
  20. Interesting Paper From the Council on Foreign Relations
  21. Oldam Interview: The Billionaires Tea Party
  22. Obama says new task force will examine gas prices (AP)
  23. Japan: Old School Tsunami Wisdom
  24. America's Fundamentals
  25. tax the rich (be careful of what you ask for)
  26. Nurse, Hand Me the Currency War Chart Please
  27. News Flash: scientists are people too
  28. Russia "Worried" about $
  29. This weekends BIG news (Greek Restructuring)
  30. Hot Money Flows
  31. Silver Lining in the Bunker?
  32. Could use a Little MEGA on this one
  33. The Only (Little) One That Didn't get Away
  34. Just-In-Time: Culture Friday
  35. Mega is as MAD as HELL...........but no else is?
  36. Cloud Computing (with occasional showers)
  37. Silver Threads & Golden Needles- Brad Cooke
  38. Inflation Tidbit from the Big Boss
  39. We are not alone...even when alone
  40. Digitization of life and its impact on society
  41. Red alert........china ready to kill the $ !!!!!!!
  42. Foreign Holders of US Treasuries: February 2011
  43. Billion Price Project DOA
  44. remembering that Silver drops
  45. ShadowStats: Hyperinflation Special Report (2011)
  46. Gret News from Blighty...
  47. FOFOA's case for hyperinflation
  48. Dealing with the Smarter Sheep
  49. Jim Puplava & Nicole Foss
  50. Hudson/Wolff On Debt and Recession
  51. IMF estimates China GDP will surpass US GDP in 2016
  52. VF Day (Victory Financial) Day
  53. China March oil consumption up 900k barrels/day from 1 year ago.
  54. Is SLV real, physical Silver
  55. Auerbach:- The Fed is in a very bad,deep hole
  56. Where's the Silver, Kemo Sabe?
  57. Someone just took delivery of 2000kg of silver from BullionVault
  58. Bernanke hint at QE3 in conference call today?
  59. Gold (and silver) bugs
  60. China 2010 Auto Sales Reach 18 Million. Implications on oil price.
  61. Walmart CEO: customers running out of money earlier
  62. Freedom in Egypt = war with Israel?
  63. Let's make corporations truly like human beings...
  64. FIRE Lobbying and whats wrong with Washington DC
  65. There Goes the Data: Major Cuts at EIA Washington
  66. Labor, going down swinging...
  67. The Dollar is...getting.... KILLED !!!!!!!!!!!
  68. Libya and the Petrodollar
  69. Culture Friday- spelunking with Werner
  70. Culture Friday- Atlas Winked
  71. Nothing Fiat About Voyager
  72. from Centurian to Praetorian to Ceasar?
  73. British MSM ATTACKS the FED!
  74. The French (Total) go SOLAR
  75. Tom Miller...Matt Taibbi
  76. Peak Cheap Oil: Wither Plastics?
  77. Great way to spend our money - Feds sting Amish farmer selling raw milk locally
  78. Hedge funds short the $
  79. the short story of hmph and co-hmph
  80. Silver rising party due to industrial demand?
  81. Osama bin Laden dead
  82. "Bin Laden Bounce"?
  83. British goverment has a gun to its head....
  84. CRE Walk Aways - But to Where?
  85. Foreign Policy: On Commodity Price Inflation
  86. Request from Canada
  87. Bank of England:- The British are F*cked!
  88. Go To School, Get Ahead
  89. Bin Ladenís War Against the US Economy
  90. Feds to Sue Deutsche Bank for Mortgage Fraud
  91. Assange Interview & Wikileak Update
  92. Follow the money: Remittances to Mexico
  93. This Explains Everything
  94. Mexico Central Bank buys 93 tons of gold in 2011
  95. It looks as if the Boys are busting out Dunkin Donuts
  96. This is the wrong way forward for long term research into space travel
  97. Gold getting k i l l e d !!!!!!!!!
  98. What's Gen X So Scared Of? Stocks
  99. Putting a Match to Higher Ed.
  100. NFP: any opinions on this?
  101. Culture Friday: Harvest
  102. RED ALERT....GREEKS out of Cash......about to walk out the Euro?
  103. Mega will not be happy till 2015 !
  104. INFLATION? dont even try in China
  105. Peak Energy: A Novel Idea?
  106. Big Brother taking another step forward?
  107. So, when is this Peek Oil going to happen?
  108. The Post once again showed why it is known as "Fox on 15th Street,"
  109. Time to go LONG oil?
  110. Ireland's "Doctor Doom" speaks out
  111. You heard it here first: "Mission Accomplished", Afghan edition, July 2012
  112. More Leisure Time Than We'll Know What to Do With
  113. Fukushima a Japanese Culture Thang?
  114. Holy sh1t....china to open her own version on the comex !!!!!!
  115. More Aggressive US Will Purge RE Quicker Than Japan?
  116. Drink deeply from the well of nothingless Limey scum
  117. Colleges are too cheap ~ Fortune Magazine (1957)
  118. The I in FIRE Slips Into Shadowland
  119. Notice: Silver liquidity at BullionVault
  120. The unintended consequences of American funding in Pakistan - The New Yorker
  121. Germany didn't have a house price bubble, they were too busy building....
  122. True Finns
  123. Buyer Beware- Flopping
  124. Credit crunch in China?
  125. Skype acquired...again
  126. Iran dances on America's grave
  127. Ireland to Steal pension money
  128. How The $8k Tax Credit Cost Buyers $15k
  129. More anecdotes on how health care got screwed up in the United States
  130. Vikings get a new stadium, Minnesota taxpayers will pony up millions
  131. Scrubbing out the bad stains
  132. Libya a Proxy War to Checkmate Chinese in Africa? Hillary Clinton's Comment
  133. GS Sees Commodity Recovery
  134. 2 graphs symbolizing California's quandary
  135. Sayonara for New Nuclear Plans
  136. Its what we do, not what we say
  137. BofA Billions in Loan Losses at Stake on Moynihan Outlook
  138. Wither Vegas
  139. Forbes Predicts U.S. Gold Standard Within 5 Years
  140. US to return to Gold standard in the next 5 years,
  141. Let Them Eat Chocolate
  142. how to make big $$$ on the silver bubble? short it!
  143. Japan's Nuclear Village
  144. Taibbi: The case Against Goldman, for all to see
  145. J.P. Morgan's hunt for Afghan Mineral Wealth (remember that story?)
  146. Long term charts of stuff vs gold
  147. *10 Secret Warning Signs of Inflation*
  148. Gold Mania in the Yukon
  149. RE: Dynamics of the Deep
  150. Chomsky's World ; TBTF?
  151. Uk Recession over.....now comes the DEPRESSION!
  152. World Bank + China in Africa
  153. 90% Haircuts in Ireland!
  154. Ethanol subsidies in perspective
  155. risk rally coming to an end?
  156. Bernanke readies the shiv for Main Street
  157. Culture Friday: Letters by George
  158. Washington State Cancels 2012 Presidential Primary (to save $10 million)
  159. Apes don't get cash, humans don't get credit cards
  160. Audi goes "Matt Simmons"
  161. 3-D Plastic
  162. Fukushima: Little by Little . . .
  163. "Are We There Yet" BUBBLE # 3?
  164. a Trillion here, a Trillion there
  165. On Trades
  166. No Jail for Economic Crisis May Mean No Crime
  167. Cali State Parks Thrown Under the Bus
  168. Unemployed Americans only have to wait another 5 years for a job...
  169. 36 reasons showing the American Dream is dead
  170. Mega thinks about a Gold standard
  171. Head of IMF, DSK, pulled off plane, held by NYPD
  172. Jersey boy does good works
  173. RE: Worse Ever?
  174. More amusing business consultant posturing: China FDI into the ROW
  175. John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) interview
  176. Dominique Strauss-Kahn charged with sex attack vs Greek fiasco vs US debt limit vs calls for global currency
  177. Some look to gold sales as solution to debt crisis
  178. What If the U.S. Treasury Defaults?
  179. The New Yorker's Damning Dissection of "Leak" Prosecution of Thomas Drake
  180. There IS a Silver Lining (more likely diamonds & gold)
  181. Check mate for the Bank of England
  182. You Bet Their Lives: Death Derivatives
  183. BP Deal With Rosneft Collapses
  184. Jim Rodgers on the BBC
  185. gregor- housing a victim of peak oil
  186. Another Open Book Quiz on Student Loans
  187. The British are frozen out by Russia (for Libya)
  188. med insurance issues getting worrysome?
  189. 3rd wave: Japan Slides into Recession
  190. Visiting Mom, Dad, Helen and Sam
  191. Another Look at China's J-20
  192. LinkedIn Shares Nearly Double After IPO
  193. A possible way to predict violent earthquakes?
  194. Foreign Holders of US Treasuries: March 2011
  195. Gregor MacDonald: Peak Energy and Fiat Currency
  196. re GS: You Won't Read This....
  197. Live Webfeed from Spain (It looks like we see a riot by Sat)
  198. Why DO I Have Those Deficit Blues Again, Mama?
  199. Matt Taibbi Says Get Your Popcorn Ready
  200. Private Prisons = Big Savings, Right?
  201. WSJ:- Mega was right...(Again)
  202. Forbes: Goldman Indefensible?
  203. Mahattan's Dubai Towers Moment?
  204. Things that make you go hmmmmm.......
  205. is BP a buy now ?
  206. Did Rapture begin with Google today?
  207. A stock Cycles you need to know about
  208. "spring time" in the rockies?
  209. British Goverment minster spills the beans (& his guts)
  210. PCR: Greece, Ireland . . . the Dollar
  211. Mississippi flooding: homes with levees
  212. Iceland's Grimsvotn Volcano has Erupted
  213. Oil Price to Rise Beyond Expectations
  214. Water wars: ultimately you can bankster anything...
  215. The Gift that keeps on Giving
  216. The British press wake up....
  217. Obama says the Queen symbolises the 'best of England'
  218. Taliban attack Pakistan naval base
  219. The Confidence Fairy
  220. Joplin
  221. FHA: FIRE's Frankenstein Monster
  222. The Trap....BBC series
  223. Did FBI botch anthrax investigation?
  224. Touch screens replacing cashiers
  225. Network - still mad as hell 35 years later
  226. China downgrades Britian! (F*cking YES!)
  227. Goldman calls for $130 oil
  228. Do we expect Gold to dip again?
  229. Is everyone becoming economically irrelevant?
  230. "They" want OUR internet
  231. Nomi Prins: Market Maker - Market Stopper
  232. Solaris
  233. Libya wins!
  234. The Grilling of Elizabeth Warren
  235. Graduates Torched by FIRE
  236. (F) Insurance (RE) Losses Mount
  237. RE: Are We Home Yet?
  238. Let's Play Concentration
  239. Frontline: wikisecrets
  240. EU (& JPM) to accept gold as collateral vs stock trades
  241. House members in the know score Ďabnormalí stock profits, study says
  242. Texas Hold 'em
  243. Short Sale Fraud: Cali #1
  244. More amusing PG & E policies: rates lowered for biggest users
  245. Mega explains to Marc Farber why.....
  246. (Hudson) EU: Politics Financialized, Economies Privatized
  247. Grapes of . . .
  248. Psyched Out in Salem
  249. RE and the Bubble Solution
  250. Peek oil in 2012?