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  1. extend and pretend: not just a bad idea, it's the law
  2. Peak oil postponed again ?
  3. BP oil spill update
  4. A Really Scary Story
  5. Max is Golden
  6. Agency Mortgage Bond Prices Soar To New Highs Across All Coupons
  7. Everything "We" do is Now Legal!
  8. $5 Triilion "QE" coming?
  9. BP Share price...........its getting KILLED !!!!!!
  10. Associated Press checking up on oil spill waste from the GoM being disposed in Gulf state landfills (Waste Management Inc.)
  11. The Joy of Outsourcing...
  12. China seeks to double trade with Canada in five years
  13. Europe’s Fiscal Dystopia: The “New Austerity” Road to Neoserfdom
  14. Ayn Rand's "Ideal"
  15. Yet Another Summit...
  16. BP May Sell Stake In Argentina's Pan American Energy -\
  17. REYKJAVIK's New Mayor
  18. Pocket change ?
  19. Chinese exec calls for limiting population, consumption
  20. A billion here, a billion there...
  21. Reuters - Obama has been too critical of the company to deflect his own falling poll ratings.
  22. Michael Hudson
  23. INCOMING!...........(Fed calls in a $5 TRILLION air strike)
  24. Madoff Redux.
  25. California city surrenders
  26. Reuters: The Time of Crisis "Narrative"
  27. John Hussman Recession Warning
  28. Mutual Fund Returns Fell in Second Quarter of 2010
  29. Krugman: "We are now, I fear, in the early stages of a third depression."
  30. Gold going to $27,000 + !!!!!!!!!
  31. Shock Horror.......Looks like Gordon Brown screwed the books!
  32. The bogus "austerity" lie
  33. Schiff Happens
  34. American Praetorian Guard?
  35. The US to "Politely Default"?
  36. Bonds Bull Market Has Another 8 Years: Advisor
  37. U.N calls for abandoning the U.S. dollar as I can't store value safe
  38. ........and suddenly someone in the MSM said it (Time to KILL the FED!)
  39. Fed Economist: Bloggers are Stupid
  40. No Problemo
  41. And the Band Played On
  42. Private Sector vs. Government Wages
  43. Live from Planet Norte- Joe Bageant
  44. No Chance Saloon
  45. Ain't Progress Grand!
  46. More "Deflation"
  47. .....and what sort of a day did Gold have?
  48. Deepwater not performing?
  49. Fed Made Taxpayers Junk-Bond Buyers Without Congress Knowing
  50. Awesome Video
  51. Gillard Reaches Deal With Miners on Australian Tax - [buy the product, not the producer]
  52. The Declaration of Independence
  53. Feeling a bit down today
  54. USA Employment...Still Bumping Along the Bottom...
  55. Boyz, You've Got Us All Wrong
  56. Down the Start-Up Staircase
  57. FIRE Academy
  58. Walmart has a problem.......
  59. I see deflation everywhere..
  60. Peak...Cheap
  61. US Army drops 'psy ops' name for influence operations
  62. .xxx domain
  63. gregor: ignoring energy - the hollow keynesian/austrian debate
  64. Illinois and Default
  65. Currency Wars- Greg Hunter
  66. Blighty in BIG trouble!
  67. 3200 posts from Mega
  68. Some notable quotes for the Fourth of July
  69. Americans not qualified for available manufacturing jobs
  70. God, We Trust- the Great Rupture
  71. Cheap Oil
  72. 800 Year Look-See
  73. American Psychosis
  74. Gold Charts; Bond Crash; Currency Wars; Subornation of Perjury, and Financial Coup d'état
  75. Saudi King: Halt To Oil Exploration To Save Wealth
  76. The Oil Spill's Assault on the 1st Amendment
  77. Thousands Arrested in Fuel Price Protests in India
  78. War with Iran.......1st Blood?
  79. Creature Comforts
  80. Retailers, start your engines (cough, cough, splutter)
  81. Earmark Reform? No Problemo
  82. A Picture is worth a 1,000 Shares
  83. MEGA, Buck Up, Good News!
  84. The Great Jobs Killer
  85. Oil...Russia/Saudi Arabia bump it up.
  86. BP Potentially More Devastating than Lehman!
  87. Commander's Weather, iTunes, deflation, Cognitive Surplus, and Unemployment
  88. the marginal utility of money
  89. Almost Every Cleanup Worker From The 1989 Exxon Valdez Disaster Is Now Dead
  90. Time to write Gold death cert !
  91. Postage stamp rate increase propose for January 2011. Plus historical context
  92. Putting a Hole in One
  93. A Spanish - German Lovefest...
  94. Talking Up Big Oil...
  95. A Guide to Recent Battery Advances
  96. 346 tonnes of gold at the BIS
  97. China:- Gold no GOOD !
  98. "Take Our Jobs!" says Immigrants to Americans
  99. F#$&%! Credit Suisse Housing Survey!
  100. American Dream is Elusive for New Generation, Or: FIRE across the generations
  101. Essential Experience
  102. James Rickards
  103. California's Long Beach Votes to Tax Pot to Plug Gap
  104. The East is...Cutting Edge?
  105. Obama today
  106. Executive Compensation: The More Leaders Make, the Meaner They Get
  107. Flight history Made 7-7-2010
  108. 27,000 abandoned oil gas wells in Gulf
  109. A surprising cause of cancer?
  110. Alt energy, Robots, and reduced work weeks
  111. Frankenstein alive and well
  112. WT: U.S. marks 3rd-largest, single-day debt increase
  113. Big Pharma Getting Smaller
  114. The Big Con
  115. Latest Michael Hudson: revamp the tax structure, not austerity to fix the economy
  116. Con of the Decade (Part I)
  117. The Real Housewives of Japan
  118. American Gold Tax & VAT!
  119. Hudson's Lat Workout
  120. The end to "Cheap China" ?
  121. Joe Bageant: Waltzing at the Doomsday Ball
  122. Anadarko: The oil spill is none of our business.
  123. 3-Dollar Alts
  124. Can someone smart please read this...
  125. When the Good Default
  126. Here is how history will repeat..
  127. Is There Anything in the USA That Isn't Subsidized?
  128. New Fed Policy on Illegal Hiring
  129. Wells Wins!
  130. Cognitive Dissonance
  131. Both an interesting startup model and an interesting technology
  132. Martin Wolf gets it...
  133. Euro default?
  134. FIRE Hires
  135. Damon Vrabel
  136. Banksters plan explained :-)
  137. The Yin...and Yang of Gold
  138. British on Peek Oil
  139. The Submarine Deals That Helped Sink Greece
  140. Prime Minister Cameron video chats with Facebook's Zuckerberg on Deficits
  141. How All 'Consumer' Spending Since Lehman Was Actually Government Money By Another Name
  142. China Cuts Rare Earth Export Quota 72%, May Spark Trade Dispute With US
  143. China downgrades the $ ?
  144. The GOLDEN question, who sold to BIS?
  145. America's number 1 spokesman
  146. Hayek- A Man for his Times
  147. Euro Zone: Come to Order!
  148. For Jim N.
  149. Bankruptcy American Style
  150. Marc Farber:- Us bonds are.....
  151. Grand Slamowitz
  152. Depression Triggers Happy Trails Sale
  153. Bay Bridge Update
  154. Views on America’s Economy
  155. missing Iranian nuclear scientist SNAFU
  156. Brit Firm Sues Usual Suspects
  157. The real estate bubble hangover beginneth: Record declines in Bay Area property taxes
  158. An analysis of the present day oil industry scenario
  159. Housing Bacchanalia Goes On...and On
  160. Lost Souls of America, Happy Bastille Day!
  161. Curious lack of nasty pictures about the Gulf in the media - well here they are
  162. The Learjet Repo Man
  163. Daze of Mystery
  164. US Govt Strategic Default: Both parties mull raising retirement age
  165. one small step toward Skynet but human still in loop
  166. More barriers to Obama economic plan: Shippers don't want containers tied up with low cost US exports
  167. FDIC sues 4 former IndyMac execs
  168. ........and then the British MSM woke up to how much sh*t they are in.
  169. Rio- 1829
  170. More wacky USGS tales: USGS says more oil in Venezuela than Venezuela does
  171. Pakistan left with three-days Petrol; 11 days Diesel
  172. How Lew Can You Go
  173. QE2 (Not the ship) just around the corner, no thoughts from EJ?
  174. 3 Headlines Tell All U Need to Know
  175. Now We're Talking Serious Money
  176. Goldman Sachs fined $550M for securities fraud
  177. Good Telegraph newspaper article
  178. China reduces US Treasury debt holdings 3.6 percent
  179. Let me make a wilde guess here, the FED is buying its own bonds via UK?
  180. When Your World's An Oyster
  181. CNBC host Simon Hobbs makes an utter arse of himself-enjoy the clip
  182. 'Rich' R Wary/Poor Don't Spend
  183. Gov't Wants Your Obesity Rating by 2014
  184. Canadian Real Estate Bubble Burst ?
  185. Todays FED meeting video
  186. UK on the Private Side
  187. Russian Gold Coins RUST!!!
  188. The New Frugality (by the numbers)
  189. More poverty by any measure
  190. Leave No Hero Behind
  191. Washed-Out Ashore
  192. Let's see what we can do about those monthly payments
  193. Unemployment's Latest Thing- Going Euro
  194. Gold Standard in France, 1914-1939
  195. The best stock screener
  196. An Unkind Complicatedness
  197. The Harsh Reality behind China’s Growth Story
  198. Alzheimers Debate Club... inflation vs deflation again???!!!
  199. Is Matt Simmons Creditable?
  200. Paul Craig Roberts on Andy Grove
  201. The British goverment quitey does away with inflation proof bonds
  202. The Real Reason Geithner Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren
  203. New Gold back currency! (for real?)
  204. You can buy a house with your gold directly
  205. Did Someone Just Corner the Cocoa Market?
  206. Antennagate
  207. Spooky SP500 pattern repeats..
  208. U.S. Job Growth Driven Entirely by Startups
  209. Housing Update
  210. Goldnik Ben Davies
  211. China is now world largest economy based on energy consumption.
  212. Reno, Nevada - Eviction notice leads to SWAT Teams, house fire, gunfire... / Sacramento, CA - eviction proceeds house fire
  213. May I See the Housing Patient's Charts, Please
  214. "Social Production" & open-source economics
  215. Would You Buy a Used Oilfeild From This Company?
  216. Fifth Generation of Warfare (5GW) is "indistinguishable from magic"
  217. Review of BP's Exploration Plan for the Macondo well
  218. If You Can't Handle the Heat...
  219. too much wind power
  220. Jobless benefits deadlock broken Jobless benefits deadlock broken
  221. Banks Financing Mexico Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal
  222. "America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution"
  223. Economic outlook 'unusually uncertain'
  224. Mega Bear Food 2:- The British are right behind you
  225. The Fed's toughest foe: Deflation
  226. S&P, Moodies, Fitch: Please don't use our credit ratings
  227. The GFC, the Great Recession and three structural changes in the US economy
  228. GM on FIRE ... back to business as ususal
  229. GM Buys a Subprime Lender for $3.5 Billion
  230. Bernanke: "MORE STIMULUS!!"
  231. Cash 4 Abandoned Strip Malls
  232. How many banks will fail the European stress test?
  233. Bp spill matt simmons interview
  234. Treasury sales not adding up.
  235. Austerity Update (Govenment Services Collapse)
  236. China’s Banks Said to See Risks in 23% of $1.1 Trillion Loans
  237. Wheres the inflation?
  238. The Jobless Effect: Is the Real Unemployment Rate 16.5%, 22%, or. . .?
  239. Entrenched Oligarchs on the Run
  240. Yes, they taking us to war
  241. Currency controls on the way!
  242. invisible deflation: craisglist
  243. Tennessee Republican floats secession threat
  244. Accessible Data
  245. Contango in Commodity ETF's
  246. For Most- Pain Free
  247. Iran is SCREWED!!!!!!
  248. The death of paper money
  249. If at first you don't succeed...Come back with a Federal government guarantee!
  250. Wikileaks does it again: NYT: Pakistan Aids Insurgency in Afghanistan, Reports Assert