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  1. Just Fu*king insane...Am spechless
  2. Brain Research and out of body experiences...
  3. How I learned to love the economic crisis
  4. Cash4Gold Offers to Purchase U.S. Gold Reserves for $240 Billion
  5. Economic reporting: Then and Now
  6. Its over, the "FIRE" is out
  7. Mish called the housing top from a TIME cover ?
  8. Tase Early, Tase Often - The shocking truth about speeding busts
  9. metalman's appelation should be "ej's bulldog"
  10. Maybe it's on purpose... for a good reason?
  11. The Paper Pushers
  12. 40 Years On...One Giant Leap to Nowhere [Tom Wolfe]
  13. mega is that you???
  14. MEGA: Chip Buddies- our future cuisine?
  15. You can't think that - Its wrong!!
  16. Swine flue: Mass depopulation campaign???
  17. Test your Metal
  18. Organic Food -- You're Off the Hook Now
  19. From the Bastards that gave you 1776
  20. Facist American Government seizing your files on your PC?
  21. X-files or Facts?
  22. opinion pieces versus real data
  23. Future Shock / Rate of Change
  24. Banned Videos UK
  25. Would you like a job locking up people in a FEMA camp?
  26. mega... help this kid out
  27. International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)
  28. White man's Burden
  29. Pass the Bong: Russia “Shocked” Over $18 Billion Iran Payment To Obama After Failed US-Backed Saudi
  30. Main St goes "Eric Janszen"
  31. Flybrid
  32. Mega gives up
  33. More knuckle-draggers skeptical of man made global warming: astronaut doctorates
  34. Hilly Cliton goes APE!
  35. S&P 500 P/E Ratio to the moon
  36. Joe Cocker - A Little Help From My Friends
  37. Solar is nice, but doesn't really help the carbon due to electricity generation problem
  38. More climate change shenanigans: we don't need no steenkin' data!
  39. Swine flu death ratio a gauge of healthcare and sanitary standards?
  40. The Thread for Mega to post all his links to instead of starting new threads every time
  41. Treating a hangover with heroin. (9min.)
  42. Make up your mind! He can't be all four!
  43. J.H. Kunstler - Financial Crisis Called Off
  44. The worst the economy, the higher the stocks?
  45. China....Its time to pull the Rug
  46. "individual mandate" for healthcare would be a massive giftbag for insurance companies
  47. A Modest Proposal to fix Global Warming: Giant Cans of RAID
  48. Just a simple request
  49. A bailout for Big Media? This is fishy. Upcoming Federal Trade Commission workshop on journalism
  50. A tsunami of cheap products (subsidied by China's "stimulus package") will flood world markets soon.
  51. Talk of dollar devaluation getting stronger by the day.
  52. Quote of the day: "I’ll be danged if I am going to give up my Social Security because of socialism"
  53. Total U.S. credit market debt as % of gdp (Update to March 2009)
  54. er........You know Obama said Change...
  55. Photo of the Day: Taxachusetts State Rep avoiding the new higher MA sales tax in New Hampshire
  56. US loss of jobs to Asia accelerating as a result of bank bailout.
  57. Good coment
  58. Sorry EJ, but i got to post this
  59. Tens of billions spent in new medication on arthritis, inflammation and pain.
  60. Obama king of the pathos rhetorists
  61. If you were Tim Bernanke
  62. iTulip Jukebox.
  63. An interesting defense...
  64. the reichstag is burning
  65. The Banker Who Saved WallStreet How JPM CEO Dimon bailed out Bear Stearns and the federal government
  66. sign of the times
  67. Tea Party Protests in DC video
  68. When does autumn usually start in America and Europe?
  69. "The Post-Catastrophe Economy" book cancelled?
  70. U.S. Government Finds $20 Trillion Buried By Absentminded Reagan In 1987
  71. My Favorite iTulip Ad.
  72. September 11 2009: Through the prism of fraud and poverty
  73. Banks bailed out, but US dollar is finished.
  74. Banks bailed out, but US dollar is finished.
  75. iTulip Singles - not news just fun
  76. I think I would rather watch porn
  77. Another set of (fake?) bonds being smuggled into Switzerland from Italy
  78. Think the people don't know what's going on?
  79. Let's disagree on inflation/deflation definitions
  80. Germany ATTACKs Britan
  81. Are you paying attention?
  82. A Must, Must Read
  83. Banker's Magazine
  84. "So Prime Minster, how long have you been a junkie for?"
  85. Too many laws
  86. Schiff:- Gold going to $5000
  87. An observation
  88. Socialism, Health Care and the American economy
  89. More climate change fun: another hockey stick debunked?
  90. High Frequency Trading Intro
  91. NSFW - People are getting awefully bold out there.
  92. Today I heard the second stupidest thing I ever heard a reporter say
  93. The jobless recovery
  94. Grayson Health Care Apology to the GOP in Congress
  95. the cops just get dumber
  96. Who's the denier? "We've got to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period"
  97. Drudge......Deal to END use of $ to trade Oil!
  98. Max Keiser Video, MUST Watch!
  99. How will the internet be affectec by the depression?
  100. Aliens
  101. Hook on Fonik
  102. The next sign of the end of America? Government propaganda goes soviet...
  103. For AGW, peer review means Wikipedia?
  104. Gore Vidal's United States of fury
  105. When will US bankers start demanding for bonuses in Euros?
  106. A global warming debate: a rare head to head between AGW and 'denier' scientists
  107. A look at the UK and UK contributors to IPCC WGII: scientists? Or: the 99% AGW consensus
  108. Hope
  109. An alternate view on climate change: Fallen Angels
  110. First Time Land Buyer: Buying Land in Another State
  111. nervous about all markets, including precious metals
  112. Climate Modeling Nonsense - a view on AGW and the 'science' of climate modeling
  113. What goes around comes around: Milton Friedman
  114. Martin Armstrong?
  115. A massive, massive ponzi scheme
  116. real music of our times
  117. Sell stocks, ditch gold: why buying bankers is the safest investment
  118. Has Bin Laden and the Talaban won?
  119. 'Ruralization' of Detriot?
  120. Why Scientific Consensus isn't necessarily correct
  121. What watch does your politician wear?
  122. drugs - we've discussed this here often
  123. Regression Abuse
  124. Nutt sacked for telling truth about pot
  125. Will HC 'reform' run up against the Constitution?
  126. More fun with AGW: From "Why We DisAgree About Climate Change" by Michael Hulme
  127. Kill Health Care Reform
  128. jtabeb bait: one oz gold = good handgun
  129. Fox News: Fifteen minutes of hate or how I learned to want to bomb and invade Iran
  130. Its official: AGW belief ruled equivalent to religious belief in UK
  131. Feeding Frenzy On Central Bank Gold
  132. Year 2009 - the US a superpower no more.
  133. my favorite gun web site
  134. Always a good idea. It shouldn't take this
  135. Obama's strategy in China may fail.
  136. You know that plan i had to marry an American women...
  137. So maybe there IS an AGW conspiracy after all...
  138. The next black swan?
  139. Tactical Nuclear Penguin...
  140. Will widespread civil unrest breakout in the US before China?
  141. Convincing a Relative to Sell You Lands
  142. Judge Napolitano: The Case Against Military Tribunals
  143. Neo-communism has won.
  144. Who has a bigger set?
  145. Jon Stewart tonight mocked the rise of Gold as a panic caused by Glenn Beck
  146. From Cave to Penthouse!
  147. mega, did you know?
  148. Al Gore gets BITCH Slapped by the London Times
  149. Greenspan:- Schiff, Jansen & Mega are right
  150. Blogger surprises by revealing he's a she
  151. 12 days of Christmas Irish style
  152. What is your answer?
  153. A Nigerian style, British e-mail scam arrived in my inbox this morning
  154. The VC leans a trick from Uncle Sam
  155. Shock!..........Was Mega right?
  156. Should I become an American Citizen?
  157. And China's RE Market Goes Pop
  158. Coupe in Britian !
  159. Only the Paranoid Survive...
  160. Mega thinks about his own website?
  161. Letter from Management
  162. Is the average IQ 100?
  163. Did Court Deal Fatal Blow to Tasers for Police?
  164. How I learned to love the economic crisis: 2010 edition
  165. A solution? The NH Free State Project - not pretty but something to build on
  166. News: US healthcare is totally fucked up as is the US.
  167. Prediction: Bankers will reveal bonus amounts using Haiti news coverage as cover
  168. At Last, Obama make Mega Happy!
  169. China preparing for cyberwar?
  170. Got Fascism? : Obama Advisor Promotes 'Cognitive Infiltration'
  171. 50 year old video speak VERY LOUD
  172. Another Nail in Al Gore/NWO/Tri-lat-er-al....
  173. Sparing With MEGA
  174. Only the finest of oligarches join the PLA!
  175. Gold sell off precedes market sell offs?
  176. Who needs EJ?
  177. I never though I'd suffer from jealousy, but...
  178. Details of Iraq whistleblower’s alleged suicide to be sealed 70 years
  179. STOP Bernanke's appointment - Act Today!
  180. Janusz Palikot for President 2012
  181. Populism: Just Like Racism!
  182. the coming social and political chaos
  183. Joining the Air Force
  184. The Internet Has Peaked
  185. Max Keiser,Mega & the Illuminati
  186. Catherine Austin Fitts
  187. Helecopter Ben In Oz, sercet Banker meeting (EJ, you might want to take note on this one)
  188. Loans
  189. Robbers lure Electricians to vacant house
  190. The breath of the dragon
  191. How the Greeks might default
  192. Excess graduate workers in China.
  193. You had better hurry up.
  194. British Institute of Nanotechnology: Military Involved in 9/11
  195. Oil puts the world on tilt .. scary stuff
  196. The Austin Texas Bombing Is A HUGE Image Blow To The "Tea Party" Right
  197. Mega seeks U.S. protection
  198. If you thought the Burj Dubai is nuts, you ain't seen nothing yet.
  199. Is Robert Pretcher better than Warren Buffet?
  200. Are you really unemployed?
  201. Goldman Sucks (11min.)
  202. Massa flirts with the right, but Beck isn't tickled
  203. No freaking way!
  204. Wtf
  205. Stealth Inflation in Luxury goods
  206. "Demolition Man" To Become Reality; OR The Slippery Slope In Action
  207. The Canadian Government is too big for my favorite Canadian microbusiness
  208. Fossil Fuels to the Rescue...
  209. China wants trade conflict to burst real estate bubble and transfer the blame on America?
  210. In 15 years China won't need any EU or US or Japanese imports, what will happen then?
  211. Real reason for Google wanting to leave China?
  212. Inevitable: America has to reduce trade deficit
  213. When will China demand for gold for its exports?
  214. ad complaint
  215. inflation vs deflation
  216. Goodbye, Mr Roberts
  217. Fun with Google Trends - Rant & Rave edition
  218. GATA Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Injured in Hit and Run Car Accident
  219. Marc Faber says....
  220. RED ALERT...US Goverment V the US People!
  221. Undercover Boss
  222. this guy is peeved
  223. The U.S. is broken. What country isn't?
  224. US Marine: I will Fight American Civilians
  225. more Canada - banking safety & housing bubble
  226. 7 years of malicious slandering of volunteers may finally be over
  227. Hijacking of threads from unpaid area into the paid area.
  228. Duke, Butler defy racial stereotypes
  229. Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down Iraqi civilians
  230. iTulip, land of conspiracies?
  231. Reuters Wikileaks News: Need Some Perspective
  232. US authorises assassination of US citizen
  233. The Future of America?
  234. Cathay Pacific will pay damaged baggage claim with BullShit SDR ?
  235. China wants to devalue by 30% !!!!!!
  236. The United States in 1880 - A Libertarian Paradise
  237. Upgrade Is A Value Judgment
  238. Investing for a Republican congress.
  239. In defense of Goldman.
  240. Motivate the Department of Justice re: Financial Fraud
  241. High chance that China may become the world's largest economy in less than a decade?
  242. Obama to Nominate JC to SCOTUS
  243. “Policing for Profit”
  244. Fraud: the new American pastime?
  245. Your Tax dollars at work
  246. Eviil GS. Is there anything that those guys won't do for $ ?
  247. WTFCNN.com
  248. Kent State Killings Sparked by FBI Provacateur show FBI documents
  249. Firefox + Greasemonkey script to view 'old school' iTulip
  250. Will the Reserve Currency Dollar collapse into SDR-like paper, into gold, or will it hold?