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  1. What does one do with real gold?
  2. Raise gold holdings, China told
  3. Wooden nickels law
  4. A new look at Gold
  5. IMF urged to sell gold to battle cash crunch
  6. Rupee-rouble pact may fund Russian investments in India
  7. Japan's Omi Recommends IMF Sell Gold Reserves
  8. E-Gold Indicted for Money Laundering
  9. Concerns raised on China's global health disclosures
  10. 1000 oz of Ag - what to do?
  11. Analysis: Russian oil pipeline shutoff to Lithuania: wider ramifications
  12. Was that the bottom for Uncle Buck?
  13. Looking to Gold in the East: India vs China
  14. Gold - The Greater-Fool’s Theory
  15. Perth Mint Certificates: Delivery and Taxation
  16. Post Housing Bubble Bubble?
  17. Effect on Gold of Fed Rate Cuts or Non-Cuts?
  18. FT: Commodities bull story relies on guesswork...
  19. My fellow iTulipers...
  20. Baltic Dry Bubble?
  21. Jim's Formula vs Ka-Poom
  22. A currency basket for Oil
  23. Candian Gold Uranium Base Metal Plays for Americans
  24. Copper prices high? Nah.
  25. Lone gunman assassinates oil
  26. CEF and GTU
  27. Peak Coffee.
  28. Looks, walks, or talks like an "accepted axiom" duck? ...
  29. Oil trending down while gold keeps going up
  30. CIBC Debunks - Non-OECD Oil Consumption Will Be Income, Not Price Sensitive
  31. Buying physical GOLD , Please advise ?
  32. Is EJ's $300 Oil via Tariffs Politically Realistic? Another Idea...
  33. Gold vs Commodities?
  34. New ways to play the game, biofuels, grains.
  35. UGA new gasoline ETF
  36. Commodities ETF's
  37. Gold down $20 in 30 mins 11:30 NY Time - PPT?
  38. Anti-spin Needed...
  39. How to own Junior Gold?
  40. Is GLD and SLV safe?
  41. Quickie - gold action, USD up
  42. anecdotal reports of Silver shortages in Australia
  43. Gary North: commodities boom and Au/Ag/Pt bubbles are over
  44. Gold Bubble Over = More Demand?
  45. Oil: "Has world demand suddenly skyrocketed over the past six months?"
  46. Simple question for the gold bugs
  47. Gold gap on Kitco?
  48. Gold Lease Rates. What is going on, and what does it mean ?
  49. Indians buying up gold? & Central banks flooding Gold markets?
  50. Gold and oil bubble ready for a collapse?
  51. The stench of fear in the wheat industry
  52. Gold vs commodity index vs biofuels
  53. iRice
  54. Grain vs gold
  55. Businessweek: rice soaring mostly due to government intervention and speculation
  56. Gary North: commodity bubble to pop when China rises its currency
  57. Looking for charts with oil spreads
  58. Morgan Stanley starting a commodities fund
  59. This is why gold is up so much:
  60. The Jihad Put
  61. Any agriculture people here?
  62. Is Puplava blowing smoke again? HEY BART - HEY FINANCIAL gurus
  63. gold & conspiracies: yes and no
  64. Tin anyone?
  65. Jeremy Grantham Interview - Globe & Mail
  66. Why gold is horrible inflation play and great panic play
  67. Why do gold and silver frequently trade in synch?
  68. Oil reality shows - can a correction be far off?
  69. Peak Oil Truth's and Lies
  70. Gold, silver in backwardation again
  71. Historical gold price data?
  72. why isn't gold moving more based on housing bailout news?
  73. Why goldbugs consider ETFs a scam?
  74. ECB manipulating gold, so, wouldn't it be better to buy a commodities fund?
  75. Gold Stagnating for 5 years?
  76. Silver spreads - found a good deal Europe
  77. Here Comes the Supply Contraction...
  78. Anyone from Australia on Rio-Bhp merger?
  79. Change of direction
  80. I'm Buying More PMs Today. Recommendations?
  81. For those who doubted manipulation...
  82. Bags of 90% Silver Coins?
  83. Gold up today, are you a buyer?
  84. Open invitation to Lukester.
  85. are you ready for huge upswing in the gold market???
  86. US dishoarding 65 Metric tons of gold in 2009?
  87. Storing PM's at home
  88. A little golden humor...
  89. Significant News for rare earth metals...
  90. The Oil Bubble Story...
  91. David Bensimon - big market correction comments, and forecast
  92. What's the Scoop on CEF
  93. Straits of Hormuz Bypass Considered by UAE
  94. Keep your Gold OUT of the USA!
  95. European gold bullion coins
  96. Bitumen and GHG's
  97. gold in SERIOUS backwardation
  98. Wealthy investors hoard bullion
  99. Gold got you down?
  100. new Jason Hommel ... grains of salt, etc ...
  101. Looking for a gold miner ..
  102. Carrying gold through customs
  103. Buying opportunities in the energy sector - what say ye?
  104. Central Banks are selling serious gold
  105. Investing in Other than PM
  106. Commodities ready for a huge rally?
  107. base metals...
  108. Blanchard Online Gold Question
  109. How this gold mining bear markets compares
  110. Venezuela says to take over Crystallex gold project
  111. ETF for uranium
  112. when will commodities hit bottom?
  113. market price of gold coins
  114. CEF premium at 15% - what is it?
  115. Which type of gold is best to buy?
  116. Food Prices Expected to Keep Going Up
  117. CEF and GTU Certificates
  118. From EJ cited debt deflation lecture
  119. WOW, oil is cratering
  120. Gold Backwardation
  121. Silver
  122. Test post
  123. Favorite ways of trading long oil
  124. WSJ: A Wave of Buying Hits Commodity Funds
  125. Gold about to be re-valued?
  126. Gold Price Action vs EUR/USD
  127. First Investment
  128. Have the commodities bottomed?
  129. Gene Inger: "who has just recently been increasing Gold notes"
  130. Moving PMs
  131. Charts: U.S. finished gasoline supplied
  132. When to sell silver?
  133. Mass Counterfeiting of American coins (MADE IN CHINA)
  134. Platinum versus Gold/Silver
  135. Alternate bullion storage sites
  136. Notes on defunct commodities supercycle - Satyajit Das
  137. The End of the Commodity Super Cycle
  138. best way in own gold in an IRA
  139. Gold yes but v what?
  140. time for agricultural commodities?
  141. Natural Gas
  142. BIS Admits $190 Billion Silver Fraud
  143. Silver at $12, time to buy?
  144. Premiums for gold coins
  145. I bought a ton of UNG today
  146. CEF vs GTU
  147. Gold price will fall by 35% after 2010
  148. Blast from the past: gold bug report from 1999
  149. Tax deferred exchanges for gold/silver swaps?
  150. Iron Ore - BHP, RIO JV!
  151. Feedback on Goldline
  152. Why Gold Is The Currency Of The Free And Idle by Dominic Frisby (read and listen)
  153. Sales of Silver, Gold Coins Surge
  154. Supply and demand. Does oversupply reduce value?
  155. Gold - helpful webpage
  156. Consumerism is 'eating the future.'
  157. Short ERX & ERY at the same time?
  158. Magma Energy - geothermal play
  159. Gold to drop to $750-$680 before upside breakout
  160. Gold Option straddle?
  161. Commodity Equities
  162. *****2009/2010 Food Crisis*****
  163. Anyone buying oil futures?
  164. Currencies & Commodities YTD Performance
  165. Investing in farmland?
  166. Richard Russell: Six reasons to invest in gold
  167. Food/Gold Shortages Reach Breaking Point (Eric deCarbonnel)
  168. price of Gold in deflation: I've been calling Mish out on this for years
  169. Imminent food shortage, economic impacts in 2010 (Eric deCarbonnel)
  170. gold vs silver in 2004
  171. 50 facts about China's Bubble
  172. Jim Willie on Gold 2/3/2010
  173. Coal
  174. Great Article on Refineries in US/EU
  175. Correlation between Equities and Commodities
  176. The Gold (London-fix manipulation) Charts
  177. Investing in oil - ETF or other means?
  178. Ongoing thread: rail shipments in the US
  179. Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law
  180. Crude Oil - Near-term/Long-term
  181. Ron Paul to Fed: "Show us the Gold!"
  182. When Michael Burry speaks...
  183. Brasilian farmland investment
  184. GOLD: Near-term "Top" ?
  185. (Farm) LAND RUSH!
  186. DeutscheBank on the gold rush
  187. Groundwater Pumping -- Aquifiers Shrinking
  188. Despite economy, Americans don't want farm work
  189. Fears of Chinese Land Grab
  190. The Case for Investing in Agriculture
  191. 56% so far this year...
  192. "The Rich" are loading up...by the TON?!
  193. Ned Schmidt discussed Ag on FSN
  194. Colony Collapse solved?
  195. *$100 drop in Gold dead ahead?*
  196. The Uruguay Thread
  197. TIAA-CREF goes for farmland
  198. Goldman on Gold 10-11-2010
  199. Investors reap what agribusiness sows
  200. What should one's personal Gold/Silver allocation ratio be?
  201. Commodities ETN for long term??
  202. Rare Earths: scarcity is over-rated
  203. Vanguard ETFs
  204. DBC vs. WTI vs. USO
  205. Oil In Backwardation: What's Going On
  206. he looks better & better ... a rose in a cesspit?
  207. JPM & HSBC (OF COURSE) sued for Silver manipulation but slightly different
  208. *GOLD - Correction Now, Bubble Later*
  209. The updated list of Parabolic Gold Predictions... Jan 2011
  210. Crop Prices Soar on Supply Warnings
  211. Chilliwack man shaken after home invaders take $750,000 in silver
  212. Has anyone taken delivery of their Goldmoney or Bullionvault account holdings recently?
  213. Down on the farm, investors see big potential
  214. Gold stock newsletters?
  215. Grantham on Limits to Growth Part II
  216. Gold and the debt ceiling in one easy picture
  217. Gold Report by Erste Group
  218. Who says there isn't any free money out there?
  219. Goldman predicts the US will become the largest oil producer in 2017
  220. Fortune Magazine (1931): The Great Gold Argument
  221. Gold Call -- Did anybody get it right?
  222. Natural gas from cold seeps?
  223. Breakthrough in Battery Technology Could Radically Change the Energy World
  224. A qualified look at the role of fossil fuels in agriculture
  225. GOLD window Dec 2011 - Are latecomers getting an opportunity or trap?
  226. A look at reserves vs. production
  227. Farmland Values: Current & Future Prospects
  228. A Punch to the Mouth – Food Price Volatility Hits the World
  229. China Buys the (Ag) World
  230. South America consuming more of it's own crops...
  231. Rolling Stone goes after Fracking feat. Art Berman
  232. World Biofuels Markets: Survey Results Announced
  233. Production costs of gold at various major gold mines: 2011
  234. You gotta know when to hold 'em.... OZ firm missing metals?
  235. Where goeth Copper?
  236. The Triumph of the Family Farm
  237. Sugar
  238. Some corn methanol data points
  239. Why is Putin stockpiling gold?
  240. ZH: China Imports More Gold In 2012 Than All ECB Holdings
  241. A question about gold in Belgium
  242. We are now one year away from global riots, complex systems theorists say
  243. Tiny Uruguay getting Big Notice
  244. Food Inflation To Surge, Goldman Warns
  245. Is Silver the New Gold?
  246. Question about PM coins and authenticity
  247. GM(uh)O wheat warning
  248. (Some) Ag Infographics
  249. Hedgie "bought the farm'
  250. $21,900/ac?! WTF?!