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  1. Decline of dollar's dominance
  2. can a dollar crisis be deflationary?
  3. Syria Will End Dollar Peg, Moves Reserves to Euros
  4. The Late, Great American Dollar
  5. Time to move some Money
  6. Experts Suggest the CIA, Not Kim Jong-il, is Counterfeiting Dollars
  7. Nigeria: FG Pegs Foreign Borrowings At $1.5bn
  8. The US as leading currency manipulator
  9. Venezuela to chop 3 zeros off currency bills
  10. PetroDollar & Iran & Iraq
  11. Best retail online forex brokers ??????
  12. China's central bank to raise deposit reserve ratio by 0.5 percentage points
  13. Housing price....
  14. China and USA in New Cold War over Africaís Oil Riches Darfur? Itís the Oil, Stupid..
  15. Regional currency to replace dollar in Argentina-Brazil trade
  16. Thank you yen carry trade unwind
  17. 2 interesting weak dollar data points
  18. M3 still growing?
  19. Et tu, Vietnam?
  20. (Arabian) Gulf investors might flee from US assets
  21. Ron Paul predicts US Dollar to drop to -459.67 degrees F.
  22. ECB Governing Council Member Axel Weber on price stability...
  23. TIC data for August
  24. America vetoes G7's dollar alert
  25. HK dollar tests limit of trading band
  26. Greenspan on the Gold Standard: 1966 vs 2007
  27. China buying dollars
  28. "a worthless piece of paper"
  29. Kuwait dinar jumps as dollar slide tests Gulf pegs
  30. Dollarís last lap as the only anchor currency
  31. FT: On exchange controls in developed markets
  32. Canada Unexpectedly Cuts Rate as Dollar, Credit Slow Inflation
  33. Can the U.S. Return to a Gold Standard? - Greenspan
  34. Ex Fed Governor McTeer on the Dollar
  35. New Zealand Dollars
  36. Iceland Lifts Key Rate to 15%
  37. Ruble
  38. Here comes the intervention...
  39. Tibet, China, and the USD
  40. there goes EJ's new-new deal theory...
  41. Canadian Dollar peaked?
  42. Weak Yen Status Quo Returns
  43. IMF undertakes audit of U.S. financial system
  44. USD/CAD at the Crossroads
  45. Bullish Yen noise
  46. Currency Wars
  47. ECB Financial Stability Review - August 2008
  48. Aussie Rate Cut
  49. Newbie question: How to buy short-term US debt?
  50. POOM in Iceland
  51. New (financial) World Order
  52. Short HUF?
  53. Rebate on commission you pay your broker / Forex only
  54. Gregor discusses x-flation and Tresury issuance
  55. USD Movement
  56. Time to short the dollar?
  57. Usd
  58. whats in the money for 2009?
  59. The world according to SEK
  60. WIR bank devolved currency: working since 1929
  61. my view on EURUSD
  62. short Euro
  63. NZD > AUD could be a short term outcome of the finsec crisis -- providing very low CARRY TRADES
  64. Proposed names for replacement currency after value USD = beach sand or fish processing waste...
  65. The UK Commonwealth is 60 this month, how it will cope with the global finsec crisis is unclear
  66. Talk round the camp fire:- China will "Invite"...
  67. Why is the gold price declining...
  68. Density of CHF / EUR / USD / UKP for bribing
  69. SDRs becoming international currency?
  70. "Please walk your deflationista only in archery range" - HOLD IT, NOT JUST YET!!
  71. What banks don't tell you about money
  72. What would the impact of the dollar losing reserve status be?
  73. It is time for dollar up swing ?
  74. Whither Treasury buyers
  75. World Bank Head Sees Dollarís Role Diminishing
  76. Nzd.cad
  77. Usd.jpy
  78. USD collapse fiction not sucking : http://johngaltfla.com/blog3/category/the-day-the-dollar-died-ser
  79. CHINA hates high gold prices
  80. Euro problems
  81. UK Pound Poised to Drop 20+%
  82. It's Official: America's Capital Controls can be overridden ...
  83. local currency converter?
  84. How Hyperinflation Will Happen
  85. If cash is King, why not (good) cash?
  86. Crackin' the dollar in China
  87. Good read from Martin Amstrong on Gold
  88. Chris Martenson nails the QEII issues...
  89. A question about gold and central banks
  90. We nailed a "money printer" today -- too bad it wasn't Bernanke.
  91. The "Vergulde Draeck" Omen (FOREX, USD, CHF, NZD ...)
  92. The "Gilt Dragon" Omen (update, reissue)
  93. Yen close to 75. bottom?
  94. What is happening with the Euro?
  95. Word of the Day: "Bail-in"
  96. U.S. Sees Floating-Rate Note by 1Q 2014, Lower Coupon Sizes
  97. "Bounce in Gold is a Dead Cat"
  98. Should I buy Litecoins?
  99. Currency crises in the World