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  1. Oil Rises Above $72 Amid Iran Tensions, Housing Stocks Tanks
  2. Peak Oil, or Oil Bubble?
  3. Energy and Money Part II: Can We Repeal the Laws of Thermodynamics?
  4. Energy and Money Part I: Too Little Oil or Too Much Money?
  5. Is oil going down?
  6. Hysteria Over Iran and a New Cold War with Russia: Peak Oil, Petrocurrencies and the
  7. Poland says Russian oil stops coming via Belarus
  8. Indian company to build oil refinery in Iran
  9. Iran, Malaysia sign MoU on development of southern gas fields $16 billion
  10. Yakutia receiving pipes, equipment for Siberia-Pacific pipeline
  11. Merkel arrives in Russia for talks
  12. Cambodia's coming energy bonanza
  13. Balkans pipeline agreement to be signed early March - minister
  14. Is oil goting to land at $45 a barrel?
  15. Will Nuclear Power solve Climate Change and Hydrocarbon Depletion problems?
  16. Wake-Up Call
  17. Drinking Water from Fog-Drip--- the Latest Fad on the West Coast
  18. Water, Water, Nowhere
  19. Engineers rise to Rwandan methane extraction challenge
  20. Air Car, powered by compressed air, to begin production soon
  21. Nanoparticles to Make Hydrogen Cheaper than Gasoline
  22. Alberta's Oil Sands
  23. Matt Simmons: Oil Firms 'In Liquidation'
  24. Marine nuclear propulsion
  25. Hydrofuel?
  26. $100 trillion needed to rebuild energy infrastructure
  27. Compressed Air Engine
  28. No new technology necessary to cut your energy use
  29. Peak Water - Has Come and Gone Unnoticed
  30. Spain reaches new wind record: 45.1% of Spain's total electricity demand
  31. Made in China with US Knowhow
  32. The best site for Fresh Grads.
  33. Nuclear energy loses cost advantage to Solar
  34. New process by Stanford researches combines heat and light to double solar efficiency
  35. Particles which don't interact with anything apparently affecting physics constants (i.e. not constant)
  36. Turning Waste Heat into Power
  37. Experiment: Abiotic Oil (or at least Natural Gas) possible
  38. Surprising (not) Energy News Item of the Day: Massive subsidies don't equate to economic viability
  39. More surprises: 10 Megawatt, 1 billion pound CCS clean coal plant goes into bankruptcy
  40. Possible Peak Oil Investment?
  41. David Archibald presentation on energy and national security for Australia
  42. Blast from the Past: producer gas touted in 1895 as a replacement for straight coal use in steam engines
  43. This is what solar photovoltaic *could* be
  44. Here's another potential innovation which the massive subsidies today will not be able to benefit from
  45. A model for how things will go with Peak Cheap Oil? Or, Peak Peat
  46. Understanding energy usage: kinetic vs. thermal
  47. The 'Woodie': wood gas fueled vehicles
  48. Same as it ever was: flaming, falling windmills
  49. How to reduce gas consumption 75% with zero capital investment
  50. Gunfight at the CFL corral: more data emerges on actual vs. hyped benefits of CFL lighting
  51. How many gallons of gasoline to charge 1 iPhone?
  52. Der Spiegel: Solar PV in Germany a fail?
  53. More economic contraction leading to expensive alternative energy subsidy reduction: Spain ends subsidies for new alt E power plants
  54. More information on the Green Gravy Train: 641 federal programs supporting wind and solar
  55. China to drop solar power in favor of nuclear
  56. More greenergy idiocy: mall to be 'powered' by energy capturing tiles
  57. An MSM comparison of hybrid vs. non hybrid
  58. NREL reports says alternative energy can supply 80% of US energy needs by 2050, but...
  59. U.S. partners with China on new nuclear
  60. A skeptic looks at alternative energy: IEEE
  61. So much for a water powered economy -- 'Artificial leaf' faces economic hurdle
  62. How to turn a large fortune into a small one: Miasole acquired for $30 million
  63. Cold Air
  64. Solar PV beatdown continues: SolarCity cancels IPO
  65. More fun with solar
  66. Solar Energy Becomes Cheaper than Diesel Generation
  67. Obama permitorium affecting US oil production?
  68. LEDs and hot electrons
  69. The idiocy of low efficiency alternative energy subsidies in a nutshell
  70. Alt-E: The real picture
  71. Siemens to exit solar business - takes 1 billion euro loss
  72. Gut Punch to EV enthusiasts: multiple studies show EV vehicles worse than gasoline/diesel
  73. Energy Efficient Changes Pay for Themselves
  74. More CO2 tax idiocy: shipping wood chips to burn in retasked coal electricity plants
  75. Interesting comments on the fall of renewable energy share in global energy production
  76. Turn off that Internet! It wastes energy!
  77. How much more energy would the world need to bootstrap everyone to the level of Spain or Italy
  78. California Public Utilities Commission report on solar: $1.1 billion in subsidies for households with 68% higher than average income
  79. Is Tesla toast? A provocative work on energy storage