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  1. High Commuting Costs Push Rural Property Owners Past the Tipping Point
  2. Housing Bubble Correction
  3. Yes, It's a Housing Bubble
  4. Housing Bubble Correction Update
  5. More mortgage pain coming
  6. C.a.r. Reports Home Sales Decreased 21.1 Percent In May
  7. Lots of issues with reported housing data
  8. The Six D's of Home Foreclosure - Sean O'Toole
  9. U.S. housing index at lowest since 1991 - NAHB
  10. keeping the refi game going
  11. Giant Margin Call on Real Estate Begins
  12. Hard landing predicted for U.S. housing market
  13. negative amortization is realizable as bank earnings!
  14. Housing Bubble Update: Price Deflation Risk Due to Overpriced Appraisals
  15. Closing Escrow: The Movie
  16. McMansion the Movie - the trend is well under way
  17. subprime blues
  18. Q4 2006 Foreclosure Data Alert
  19. Realtor Board Won't Send Numbers to State
  20. wachovia shuts equibanc
  21. not the bottom
  22. flippers in trouble
  23. Losing Ground: Foreclosures in the Subprime Market
  24. US Dept of Commerce report 1/29/07
  25. Far-flung exurbs hard hit by housing downturn
  26. sue the lenders?
  27. HSBC warns of lowered profit due to foreclosures
  28. Doug Kass: example of deteriorating MBS
  29. Analyst believes 'subprime risk overstated' for Citi, Lehman, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan
  30. Democrats to the rescue of the housing bubble?
  31. Another (subprime) mortgage company goes down
  32. Lehman Bros. 2007 Mortgage outlook: Bracing for a Credit Downturn
  33. 20% Down Payment Becoming a Rare Sight
  34. housing subsector with rising employment
  35. February 2007 Foreclosure Data Alert
  36. new century's conference call - a laff riot!
  37. sub-prime trade-up supports prime values- illustrated
  38. Homeowners, Lenders Skirt Default, May Curb U.S. Housing Slump
  39. Ohio: 68% of Subprime loans made in Middle Income and Upper Income areas, report says
  40. Graph of subprime ARM +ALT-A reset schedule
  41. This one looks like a good short to me.
  42. GEAB N 14 A Chronicle of America's Very Great Depression
  43. U.S. Credit Perspectives by Mark Kiesel
  44. US Housing Crash
  45. David Lereah NAR Presentation.
  46. A New 'New Deal'?
  47. Light Relief at Dr. Housing Bubble
  48. Question about 2nd mortgages
  49. Good news: New housing sales up Bad news: Price down
  50. More interesting home info
  51. Sacramento housing crash
  52. Pulte Homes Starts to Capitulate
  53. The next Florida housing market....
  54. Alt-A cracks appearing
  55. the meltdown to date has been much milder than I thought it would be
  56. Bernanke: housing downturn to affect the economy "over coming quarters."
  57. New house sales: Ugly and Uglier
  58. Housing Looking FANTASTIC!!!
  59. Housing bubble - Russian style
  60. Climbing off the real estate grid
  61. Ponzi capitalism
  62. Dr. Michael Hudson on the Real Estate Bubble
  63. Jim Hightower - Subprime Loans = Primetime for Vampire Lenders
  64. Real Estate Heaven - The news is FANTASTIC
  65. US mortgage crisis spreads to luxury home builders
  66. Roaring Sales Tip of the Iceberg AWESOME Folks!
  67. Housing Bubble Correction
  68. Sub-Prime Mortgage Woes Are No Accident
  69. To rent or own in the U.S.?
  70. Inflation and the Housing Bubble
  71. 20% Gain in 2007 - 2008
  72. Buy our model homes and we'll lease them back
  73. NYT updated Case/Shiller chart, etc.
  74. 'Betrayed by our builder'
  75. A Bank Bet on Condos, but Buyers Want Out
  76. FT: Property party over as Ireland's prices fall
  77. Shiller was oh so wrong Housing is on FIRE
  78. "They're not making any new land" eh?
  79. Housing Flameout: California falls into the sea
  80. Ivy Zelman's view on US Housing (now tracking close to iTulip)
  81. Buyers Line Up For Five Days>american Pays 18 Million
  82. Prices Poised to Quadruple Over $1000 sq foot
  83. 39000% Return Even Buffet Can't Compete
  84. Impact of Dollars Coming Home on Residential Real Estate?
  85. US investors hit the jackpot Bill Clinton Praises Vancouver
  86. Illusion of Prosperity in the USA Today(Sacramento CA)
  87. 545 Units Sold In One Day
  88. HEY VANCOUVERGOINUP - just for you good buddy
  89. Russia housing market report (market reaching top?)
  90. CDO's and retirement funds
  91. Short the subprime's?
  92. Prices Jump $200,000 to 6 million in Hours
  93. Lukester Here is the first article on Bubble in Vancouver Paper
  94. Real Estate always goes up eh?
  95. Really Funny Blog post
  96. Home prices falling everywhere: S&P
  97. No Recession in US - Banks Have Record Financial Year
  98. what I am learning about the housing bubble
  99. Whos Who in the Housing & Mortgage Bubble
  100. I Just Made You $120,000 Prices Up 12.6% 1 Month!!!
  101. The US sub-prime crisis in graphics
  102. Interest rate 'freeze' - the real story is fraud
  103. Motley Fool on the "Impending Destruction of the U.S. Economy"
  104. when is the Big Bailout coming?
  105. Century 21: AmericaGoinUp
  106. This Is the Sound of a Bubble Bursting
  107. 16% Not bad for a "Supposed Bubble" eh Schiller
  108. forget Vancouver - go Newfoundland
  109. Forecast 2008 Recession to Recovery
  110. Saskatchewan Up 45% Big Increases Coming
  111. Housing Bust Affects City Budgets
  112. Historical precedents for the US housing bubble & its aftermath
  113. UK House Prices Slide
  114. Not my neighborhood
  115. Home Prices Do Fall: The 1980's Real Estate Bubble
  116. Ouch
  117. Highest Housing Starts since 93. Faantastic
  118. US mortgage crisis creates ghost town
  119. Housing Bust Ending? Hope Springs Eternal.
  120. Beautiful Views...And If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell..er..rent to you
  121. Better Than Gold Recession Proof Kicks Credit Crunch to the Curb
  122. Vaunted San Francisco Now Illiquid
  123. One homeowner's tale of lending woe
  124. Flashpoints special on Subprime crisis
  125. 1 MILLION AVERAGE UP 14% in ONE YEAR!!!
  126. 38% Decline? Housing Down 43%-57%: Have We Arrived?
  127. Mortgage Fraud lawsuits should be fun no?
  128. More Great News for American Investors and Owners
  129. Global Housing Implosion Continues...
  130. Dutch vs German housing vs Bubble.
  131. How much of your house should you finance?
  132. Antispin needed: VancouverGoinUp?
  133. Sell & Rent Back Schemes?
  134. Business students flock to real estate
  135. Phase 1 SOLD OUT. Looking Great!!!!
  136. Fannie Mae Swings to Loss, Will Seek Fresh $6 Billion
  137. Homes' Mispricing: Straight Lines!
  138. America's Last Booming Real-Estate Market
  139. Straight Line Drop of Homes Overpricing
  140. Housing market frozen - house bartering next (Nordic)
  141. Vancouvergoindown?
  142. Seattlegoindown...finally
  143. Some Buy a New Home to Bail on the Old
  144. Vancouvergoin'nowhere...
  145. National Homeownership Strategy
  146. Forbes: Best And Worst Cities To Rent A Home
  147. Vancouver Unstoppable Up 10%
  148. Robust Economy kicks Shiller to the Curb
  149. 24 Million Dollars Dirt Cheap
  150. Economist Magazine Says Buy Vancouver
  151. Housing Trouble; Is There No End?
  152. The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
  153. Chart: Low, Mid & High Housing Bubble Indices
  154. The Last Safe Haven after Sub Crime Credit Debacle
  155. Bubble over for one
  156. CME Futures Market on U.S. Housing Prices in 2009
  157. House prices in gold (updated, longer series)
  158. 'Car sleepers' the new US homeless
  159. That's Fake Green on Foreclosure Lawns
  160. What All Americans Need to Do NOW!
  161. why the bailout? Where is this going? Here is how it will play out...
  162. BofA in $8.6 bln settlement over Countrywide loans
  163. ECONOMY-US: No Joy in Hooverville
  164. How Spreading The Wealth Rescued A Mother
  165. Can't keep a good Mortgage Bankster down: ARMs being pushed again!
  166. Housing bubble hall of shame
  167. Minor hiccup in ever GoingUp place far-far away...
  168. Goin' Down in My Hometown...
  169. When i said the crisis won't end until Manhattan real estate drops 40%, people think it is funny.
  170. SF Chron front page: Zillow.com: 21% Bay Area homeowners owe more than home's worth (nice graphics)
  171. Sex, Lies, and Subprime Mortgages
  172. BusinessWeek: The Subprime Wolves Are Back (profiting from FHA loans)
  173. 60 Minutes: A Second Mortgage Disaster On The Horizon? (Alt-A, option ARM)
  174. Ka-poom and house prices
  175. Desperate Realtor tactics on display via Redfin.com
  176. Looks like we're now at wave 2.5
  177. Portland, OR Housing Charts
  178. Short Sell home to Self?
  179. Still building in Sonoma County, California
  180. New York city bubble estimates
  181. Fun with Zillow!
  182. More fun with Zillow: LA
  183. Zero national real estate equity?
  184. Ghettoization of California because of Proposition 13
  185. 30% down or pay fees - Fannie & Freddie
  186. Atlanta, GA - a 12-year supply at the current low rate of absorption
  187. A foreclosure prevention plan
  188. Hussman's plan - Is anybody paying attention?
  189. Case-Shiller Housing Charts - Long-term, etc.
  190. I want to buy Small Noutbook
  191. Need an advice!
  192. Buy my own Loan from the Bank
  193. Lawmaker Starts Petition Against Mini Bike Ban
  194. Gold / Home Ratio
  195. hunting property / land question
  196. Wave Goodbye to the Bankrupt Joneses: Deconstructing the American Dream
  197. Who's on third? Or better, what inning is it in mortgage resets?
  198. Pro's and Con's to Chapter 13
  199. Altitude is no escape...
  200. CA Foreclosures About to Soar
  201. Good little article
  202. Vancouver Never Blinked
  203. Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Climbed to Record in First Quarter
  204. Filed under you can't make this up
  205. 50 years of Housing starts
  206. Delinquencies Rising at Fannie & Freddie
  207. Shiller Weeps
  208. Finding my mortgage in a Mortgage Backed Security
  209. Housing price fall still ongoing. 2nd derivative positive irrelevant.
  210. California Dreamin': The house you couldn't afford
  211. More proof of 2nd derivative nonsense
  212. Fitch makes EJ, iTulip, and even myself look positively optimistic
  213. House-Price Drops Leave More Underwater
  214. Blast from the past: California and Iowa 2001 and now
  215. Comptroller General for US says Move To Vancouver
  216. IHS Global Insight - Q4 2008 Housing Report
  217. More from the Media
  218. The hole in the Prop. 13 armor in California?
  219. Interest rates and housing
  220. ivy league town housing market
  221. Economist Ranks Vancouver Tops
  222. $100 house ... in Detroit of course
  223. Deutsche Bank: The Outlook for U.S. Home Prices
  224. House Selling for ounces of Gold
  225. VancouverGoingUp...in gangland activity
  226. Why aren't Banks selling their foreclosures? Because of losses and no need for capital!
  227. Housing turnaround underway? Maybe not
  228. Pictures of the housing bust: frozen developments
  229. Sales Explode
  230. Bleak picture as foreclosures soar
  231. Green shoots? CA default notices greater than total national new home sales for June 2009
  232. Green Shoots? CA June 2009 Notice of Defaults over 9%, up 50%+ vs. June 2008
  233. July Records Shattered Up 89.2%!!!!!
  234. Omg!
  235. The Gov't has my mortgage...
  236. This House is ready to move in! Asking $49,500 or 50 ounces of Gold.
  237. Landmark Decision Promises Massive Relief for Homeowners and Trouble for Banks
  238. Proposition 13's impact quantified
  239. New FHA Rules Doom Condo Values
  240. Bank shenanigans in countries without TARP: Spain
  241. Better Than Gold - Stellar Results Continue
  242. Foreclosures crisis caused by investors. And lenders. And politicians. And buyers.
  243. CanadaGoinUp...
  244. Got a lazy $6.2Mill to throw away
  245. FANNIE FREDDIE what tha?
  246. Housing: historical valuation ratio
  247. This man is an idiot
  248. Housing Bubble Fraud
  249. Still sliding.