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  19. Maybe this is a good time to get back into real estate...
  20. Check how much home-owners insurance you are buying.
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  22. The Housing Crash: Blame It On Saturday Night Live
  23. There never was a housing bubble!
  24. Crony Capitalism will keep Fannie Mae alive
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  27. I'm Caving
  28. And you thought housing sales in the last few years were already bad...NAR admits fudging sales figures
  29. Its better to rent than buy - always: Arzaga of Cornerstone Wealth Management
  30. Bill Black: The Amazing Vanishing Act: Accounting Control Fraud Disappears from the Regulatory Lexicon
  31. RPX: Investors Amassing Billions to Invest in Distressed Properties
  32. My Speech to the Finance Graduates - Robert J. Shiller
  33. Tax Credits for Banks buoyed Boston area real estate - are others?
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  37. foreclosure removed from credit report because of fraud?
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