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Economic Predictions Least Likely to Come to Pass

1 - Unlikely
2 - Very Unlikely
3 - Never Gonna Happen

The Call
President George W. Bush President George W. Bush provided an optimistic assessment of the U.S. economy, outlining a budget that presumes growth for the year of 2.4 percent.   That is a third faster than the 1.8 percent growth rate projected by private economists and underscores how Bush has turned increasingly upbeat about the economy as he seeks to persuade Congress to pass a $1.6 trillion tax cut over 10 years.  April 10, 2001
American economist Ruediger Dornbusch, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology "We are now experiencing a wonderful soft-landing after five boom years.  By the summer, this cleansing storm will have passed." March 18, 2001
Martin Baily, chairman of president Clinton's three-member Council of Economic Advisers "We think the fundamentals are strong and we are not going into a recession."

Clinton's economic report rejects recession fears

January 13, 2001
James K. Glassman, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Kevin A. Hassett, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.  "Has the long-running bull market been a contemporary version of tulipmania?  In explaining their new theory of stock valuation, the authors argue that in fact stock prices are much too low and are destined to rise dramatically in the coming years."

DOW 36,000 (Atlantic Monthly Review)

September 9, 1999