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As of March 31, 2006, you well see Goggle AdSense ads on  These ads are dynamically placed on our web site by Google's programs.  These programs scan the text on our pages and match content text with keywords that appear in Google AdWord ads as well as user searches.  For example, in the column to the right of this text you'll see a list of Goggle AdSense ad links.  Notice how many of these links are for ad services.  Google's AdSense programs have picked up the frequent use of the word "ad" on this page and are serving relevant AdWords ads based on the "ad" keyword.  Another example is the page Gold, DJIA and Inflation where we discuss the relationship between U.S. treasury bonds and inflation.  As a result, Google AdSense serves links to services related to US Treasury Bonds, the Treasury Market, Inflation Linked Bonds and Treasury Bills, all links to sites that have information or services that are relevant to the article on that page.

All in all, AdSense is a very good system for advertising on a publishing site like ours.  We highly recommend it.

We write frequently about the "credit bubble," "housing bubble," "mortgage lender" excesses and other related matters.  AdSense will sometimes to pick up these keywords and, if they are used frequently on a page, serve ads from companies selling home refinancing, home equity loan or other credit products we don't approve of. wants you to build equity in your home, not use it up on cash-out home refinancings or home equity loans, unless you absolutely have to either for an emergency or to pay for something that will increase your income or improve your life, such as education.  We don't want any of our members to wind up in the hands of a so-called "debt consolidation" company they came across at  Most, although not all, of these companies are not interested in helping anyone get out of debt but rather in exploiting indebted people in desperate circumstances by charging them fees for services that their customers can do themselves, thus making their customers' situation even worse.

Ads for home refinancing, home equity loan and debt consolidation companies are lucrative for publishing sites like ours, because our credit based economy has left so many people in debt and in need help, so they reach out for these kinds of services.  However, most of these companies' business and advertising practices are against the entire purpose since 1998, to educate our visitors and members to help them make see through the fog of disinformation produced by our credit based economic system to help them make better informed financial decisions.  We are going to do our best to filter out the ads that don't fit's credo, but we need your help.

If you see an ad for
home refinancing, home equity loan and debt consolidation services or other ad in a Google Ad on our pages that you feel does not fit the site's purpose, please report the domain name of the company to us at

You will also see ads for education services on the site.  We are strong believers in education, both as a means to increase our visitors' and members' ability to make well-informed financial decisions and to increase job and income opportunities.  There are many Internet-based education programs from dozens of excellent, accredited universities.  We encourage you to take advantage of these.  You will also see ads for financial assistance to pay for education.  Education is a reasonable use of credit, within limits, but generally very reasonable in the context of the cost of most online education program offerings. 

If you have comments and suggestions on our ad policies or how we fulfill them, we'd like to hear from you.  Please send your feedback to 


Eric Janszen
Founder and President
iTulip, Inc.

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