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Professional Development + Mentoring Program

The Women's Educational and Industrial Union - Boston, Massachusetts

Career Counseling - Employment Skill Development

Computer Training - Professional Peer Support

Professional Mentoring - High-Quality On-Site Child Care

Woman-to-Woman (WtW) addresses the multiplicity of factors contributing to the unemployment or under-employment of low-income mothers, including low skill levels, low self-esteem, lack of childcare, and lack of professional role models.  WtW is a personal, individualized job training program focused on skill development workshops and on the strength of mentoring relationships to empower mothers to become self-supporting.  WtW seeks to create a community of professional staff, mentors, volunteers, and business partners who provide a resource base for women seeking successful employment while simultaneously strengthening their families.  Twenty families will participate in the first year.


Leah Diskin - Development Officer
WEIU Development Office
617.536.5651 ext. 132